• Enjoy the winter here
    Snow Enjoy the winter here
  • Peaceful walks with astonishing views
    Lozoya River Peaceful walks with astonishing views
  • Beauty everywhere you look
    Wild horses Beauty everywhere you look
  • View from the suite terrace
    Snowy Peñalara View from the suite terrace
  • Flowers of the Sierra
    Spring Flowers of the Sierra
  • Some elements of the house were restored and replaced
    Recicled decoration Some elements of the house were restored and replaced
  • perfect for a picnic
    More spring perfect for a picnic
  • magical colours
    Autum magical colours
  • Nature life at its best
    Moss Nature life at its best
  • Peñalara in the afternoon
    Sierra de Guadarrama Peñalara in the afternoon
  • Exemplary masonry
    Bathroom Exemplary masonry
  • Feel it
    Nature Feel it
  • We include a nice variety of local products
    Breakfast We include a nice variety of local products
  • Beautiful succulents
    Garden Beautiful succulents
  • A password for every room
    Security A password for every room
  • Learn about the work of the Mason and his tools
    Masonry Learn about the work of the Mason and his tools

A dream place just around the corner

Hotel boutique LA CASA DEL CANTERO (Adults Only) is a charming boutique hotel located in the heart of beautiful countryside in Pinilla del Valle, a small picturesque town in the Sierra Norte of Madrid. Surrounded by lush forrests and majestic mountains, this stylish home from home offers a unique experience for lovers of tranquility and of nature. Its spacious but cozy rooms provide elegance, comfort and warmth, and all have a terrace, views of the Peñalara mountain, and a private living room with TV. The hotels’ rustic and considered design echoes the beauty of the local architecture and pays homage to the history of the Lozoya Valley area.

Enjoy the Sierra de Guadarrama in the comfort you deserve

Just one hour from Madrid

This elegant boutique hotel immerses you in a natural paradise, surrounded by mountains, with the murmur of the river passing right behind. Here, you can disconnect from daily stress, walk, rest and feel perfectly at home.
  • A nice common area
  • The walks are wonderful beside the river
    Lozoya River
  • Rustic and modern at the same time
  • Enjoy the outside as much as the inside
  • view from the terrace
    Snowy Peñalara
  • Handy in the common area
  • The charming entrance reminds of a woodshed
  • Stone and golden details
  • Every suite has one with a confort sofa
    Tv room
  • Every suite has their own outside space
  • Enjoy the warmth of a beautiful decoration
  • The best strategy is to relax
    Common areas
  • Enjoy the confort everywhere
  • Watch how the old items are restored and replaced in the house
    Recicled decoration
  • When you have this view,  you need to take advantage of it
    Large windows

There is much and nothing to do

For lovers of "dolce far niente" we offer a magical environment of rest and renewal, Alternatively, to recharge your batteries, there is plenty to do: discover incredible routes through the mountains and the reservoir (on foot, on horseback or by bicycle), explore the beautiful Paular monastery, or wonder at the extraordinary excavations of the most famous Neanderthal settlement in Europe. We also offer reservations at the best restaurants in Pinilla, Rascafría, Alameda and Lozoya.
Tell us your interests to make your unique stay the one you dreamed of.

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